Orthomol: A strong
commitment is important to us

At Orthomol we care deeply about social commitment. As a successful company we would like to support people who are in particular need and so we become involved in a number of projects, most of which are regional. However, we don’t just support other people’s good deeds. We regularly hold our own charity events, and also become involved in regional education projects at our Langenfeld site in the district of Mettmann. 


Our own Orthomol charity events

Social commitment is prioritised even in the work of our trainees: every year a regional football tournament is organised by our Orthomol trainees in aid of charity. All proceeds are donated to charities such as the sports section of Lebenshilfe e.V.. 


Education projects at Orthomol

Orthomol is also involved in various business development education projects in the district of Mettmann, to which the company’s home town of Langenfeld belongs. We actively support the cooperation network between schools and the economy, and also maintain a learning partnership with the Bettine-von-Armin secondary school in Langenfeld.


Dedicated to children

The Glagau family, as the company’s owners, and also the Orthomol employees have maintained a strong connection with the Langenfeld initiative Sag’s e.V. ever since the business was founded. The initiative works to fight the abuse of children and young people. In addition, Orthomol has supported various international projects for many years such as a centre for undernourished children in Bolivia together with the UNESCO Children’s Fund.