Mental performance
for students

Every second, our brain handles huge amounts of data. Most information will be deleted immediately.  The short-term memory keeps only what the brain can link with already stored prior knowledge. Though, most of this information is forgotten after 20 minutes at the latest. However, what we can still recall after an hour means that the information has been transferred to the long-term memory. The procedure of learning involves that we consciously control this transfer process. An optimal supply of nutrients to the brain is important for the efficient and long-term storage of learning content.

With system to success

While learning process, the sensors of brain synapses are activated. Information is transferred from linked nerve cell to the other.  The number of active synapses and nerve cells determines the learning success. The more nerve cells are involved in the learning process, the deeper and stronger is their storage in the brain. The brain favours information that is simultaneously recorded haptically, visually and acoustically. In addition, learning repetitions are also significant for the learning success, as this implicate that repeatedly re-activating the same synapses, which is a factor that strengthens the connection between the nerve cells. That is why regular repetition of learning content is more effective than just memorizing it once.

Unsaturated fatty acids, e.g. are contained in salmon are indispensable for brain performance

Brain diet at exam stress

Learning and exams phases are exhausting. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to pay attention to a healthy diet under stress. Fast food, chocolate bars, and energy drinks seem to be easy, comfortable and time-saving choices, which are also aimed to boost the performance but they rather negatively influence it instead.  Full meals are in this case the more appropriate option. The type and composition of the ingredients are also crucial. Wholemeal bread, rice or noodles are slowly digested. This keeps the blood sugar at an elevate level and provides the brain cells with constant energy. Especially in case of loss of appetite before the exam, it is important to keep a healthy energy supply. Breakfast is the most important meal. In the morning, the energy reserves are refilled in a way that this can be accessible when is needed the most by the brain: i.e. during the exam.

Performance kick with Brainfood

With the right foods and nutrients, we can literally absorb concentration, memory and creativity. Those who want to learn effectively, sustainably and just recall learning content, should know what nutrients the brain really needs.  The biochemistry nature of the brain involves that its energy comes from nutrients that influence concentration and short-term memory. To mention few, unsaturated fatty acids are indispensable and make up 50 to 60% of the brain. Also they already play a crucial role in embryonic and early childhood brain development.

Mental exercises such as  sudoku can help boost brain function

Thinking training camp

In addition to the right diet, there are numerous ways to improve the brain performance and increase learning success. Mental exercises such as Sudoku for example. Creative writing also increases brain activity. Walking out side is a beneficial factor since the oxygen stimulates the metabolism. A balanced Workout, a sufficient recovery and an adequate rest are also essential for the regeneration of mental capacity as well as sufficient water supply.  1.5 to 2 L drinking water per day is mandatory for an adequate blood circulation, which in turn improves the brain performance.