With love from Orthomol

As a successful company we would like to support people who are in particular need. With this in mind, our many social commitment activities have been given a single message: “With love from Orthomol”. Working to help other people is something that is very close to our hearts.

For a balanced diet

We are involved in various projects that mostly serve to promote a balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. Since 2014 we have collected money for the Christian children and young people’s charity DIE ARCHE e.V., for example as part of our annual Christmas initiative. Our donation helps to provide all sites throughout Germany with fruit and vegetables from the surrounding region every day.


In-house events

We also hold our own events in aid of charity. Social commitment is prioritised even in the work of our Orthomol trainees: every year they organise a charity football tournament, for example. All proceeds are donated by us to various recipients in our region, such as seriously ill children who have a particular wish or require a special therapy. And more activities are already being planned: we would like to continue working with our partners from Langenfeld to make even more wishes come true.


Education projects at Orthomol

We are also involved in various business development education projects in the district of Mettmann, to which the company’s home town of Langenfeld belongs. For instance, we actively support the cooperation network between schools and the economy, and maintain a learning partnership with the Bettine-von-Armin secondary school in Langenfeld.