Orthomol: A Family Business

The idea behind Orthomol originated at Munich airport when pharmaceutical marketing expert Dr Kristian Glagau met the chemist Dr Hans Dietl in the early 1990s. Hans Dietl already had experience in the area of orthomolecular medicine, which was a field of research known predominantly in the USA at the time. Glagau and Dietl rapidly became convinced that the concept of offering micronutrient combinations for different applications was suitable for the German market as well. They set up Orthomol and were thus the first in Germany to introduce a range of products based on the idea of orthomolecular medicine. This idea then grew into a successful family business. 
Dr. Kristian Glagau
Orthomol - Managing director Nils Glagau

The new company opened its doors in 1991 and was a family project right from the start. In 2009 Kristian Glagau described Orthomol’s first steps in an interview: “We literally began in our garage with the Glagau family as our staff.” The whole family has been involved in the company ever since it was founded. Nils Glagau, managing director and son of the company’s founder, confirmed this: “We treat it as absolutely natural that every member of the family does their bit for Orthomol.”

Family culture at Orthomol.

When the company passed to the second generation in 2009 after Kristian Glagau passed away, one thing in particular did not change: the special Orthomol culture. In addition to standard concepts such as flat hierarchies and a friendly, modern workplace, the company offers fitness studios, personal trainers, its own childcare facilities, family services and a monthly staff breakfast in its aim to enable its employees to achieve an acceptable work-life balance. Nils Glagau observes: “At Orthomol there is a family atmosphere that we all appreciate.” Both management and executives also prioritise good and transparent communication. This family culture in the company is reflected not only in the internal media, such as James the intranet, the employee newsletter O-Ton or the employee radio O-Funk, but also and above all in the Orthomol employees themselves who develop a special bond with the company. 
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