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about Orthomol

At Orthomol we work on improving your health every day with a firm conviction, and first-rate quality is particularly important to us. Find out about our family business from various perspectives. Our company videos enable you to take a look behind the scenes and discover Orthomol.

  • “A Box Full Of Life”

    Find out more about Orthomol. For more than 20 years we have developed products based on the concept of orthomolecular nutritional medicine.

  • Quality and transparency

    From raw materials to the ‘blue packets’ at your pharmacist, quality and transparency are important principles of our work.

  • Family-owned company

    As a family-owned company we try to bring our work and family lives under one roof.

  • Conviction

    For more than 20 years Orthomol has been committed to orthomolecular medicine – out of conviction.

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    The science behind the product

    Our product range is developed on the basis of orthomolecular nutritional medicine.

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    A good source of information

    Orthomol accompanies you on your way to better health. Patients, physicians and pharmacists are supported and advised by Orthomol.