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Orthomol. Bereit. Fürs Leben.
In rain and snow, vitamins support our immune system
In case of cold and flu, nutrition supports our bodies
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With Orthomol. Ready. For life.

Be healthy. Stay healthy. Physically fit. With the best possible support. We remain at your side as your partner, whatever life happens to throw at you. Orthomol provides high-quality products and expertise in nutritional medicine, with passion and conviction, for your health. This has remained our mission since our beginnings over 25 years ago and it is the reason why we develop our micronutrient products for their specific areas of use.

Simply beautiful

New: Orthomol Beauty is now also available as a pack of 30 refills. The beauty drink with the innovative combination of collagen, hyaluronic acid and the phytamin-Q10 complex now comes in a new pack that is ideal for refilling your stylish beauty box. Sustainable – for your beauty.

Beauty, with all its different associations, is also directly linked to our skin. And our skin is a reflection of our soul. It shows what affects us, how we live, and how we feel. Life leaves its mark: our skin ages – sometimes much earlier than we think.

For the dietary management of...

As well as fulfilling your needs as our customers, we naturally also keep a close eye on the legal provisions in our industry. We adapt the claims for our dietary foods – Orthomol Immun, Orthomol arthroplus and Orthomol AMD extra – in line with the latest legal specifications.

And this is where it gets more complicated, because these three products are called foods for special medical purposes. Until recently, this category of products was governed by legislation such as EU Directive 1999/21/EC, which specifies how we as manufacturers must label the products: with the statement “For the dietary management of”, followed by the disease(s), disorder(s) or medical condition(s) for which the product is intended.

Hey, defences! Let's work together.
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Orthomol: the company

Nils Glagau is at the helm of Orthomol, which means that the family business is now in its second generation. His father founded the company in 1991 in cooperation with a partner.

All stages of production, from the selection of the raw materials through to the finished blue packets on the shelves of your pharmacy, are subject to the highest quality requirements. Our 400+ employees are a team that firmly believes in our products and the orthomolecular idea. Would you like to meet us in person, or do you have any questions? Then simply give us a call or send us an 


Social commitment at Orthomol

As a successful company, we like to support people who are in particular need. Our many activities that show our social commitment have therefore been grouped together with a single message: “With love from Orthomol”. Working to help other people is something that is very close to our hearts.

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Life, sometimes you're really not a walk in the park. But you're all that I want.
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