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30 years Orthomol History
30 years Orthomol - History of the company
We literally began in our garage, with the Glagau family as our staff.

Dr Kristian Glagau, Orthomol founder, in an interview from 2009

30 years Orthomol - Kristian Glagau
30 years Orthomol - Foundation
For us, health is a family concern – that applies just as much to the ‘Orthomol family’ as to our customers.

Nils Glagau, owner and managing director

Orthomol history 1991-2001


After Dr Kristian Glagau launches Orthomol pharmazeutische Vertriebs GmbH with Dr Hans Dietl, the newly founded company moves into 140 m² of office space in Poststraße, Langenfeld. In the beginning there are just two people on the Orthomol team. The first products are Orthomol Immun, Orthomol Vital f, Orthomol Vital m and Orthomol Cor. 

Specially developed machinery is used for packing the Orthomol products. In the following years Orthomol expands in Langenfeld and opens its second site here – state-of-the-art technical equipment and good quality management are priorities right from the start. By 2001, the company has welcomed its 100th employee!

Orthomol history 2001-2011


In the years since its foundation, the number of people working at the company increases more than tenfold and there are now around 170 in-house and sales employees. Orthomol receives several awards, including the Company Award from the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (BDU) which is regarded as the “Nobel Prize” for German businesses. Dr Kristian Glagau is also presented with the Enterprise Award for Innovation by the German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW). Orthomol’s first company childcare facility is launched, known as the “Orthomolinis”. Orthomol is regularly certified by TÜV Rheinland according to various regulations, e.g. according to the provisions specified in ISO 22000, the most important international standard for food safety. Orthomol products are now available in four forms of administration: tablets/capsules, granules, ready-to-drink vials and dry granules. Following the death of company founder Dr. Kristian Glagau, the second generation takes over the helm at Orthomol.

Orthomol history 2011-2021


Orthomol sends a big blue truck on a “Better Health” tour. Interactive facilities enable numerous visitors across Germany, both young and old, to learn about healthy eating and the role of micronutrients in health. Orthomol’s first offices abroad are opened in Vienna. Orthomol products are now available in over 30 countries around the world! In a fund-raising campaign Orthomol collects donations totalling more than 100,000 euros for “Die Arche” (a Christian charity that supports children and young people, active throughout Germany) in 2016; in our project entitled “With love from Orthomol” our work with different associations and organisations becomes ever more important. In 2016 more than 400 Orthomol employees celebrate the 25th anniversary of the family business. And now Orthomol is celebrating its 30th birthday and is able to look back on an exciting success story!

30 years Orthomol - Nils Glagau - Manager and investor on the TV show “Dragons’ Den” on VOX in Germany (known locally as “Die Höhle des Löwen”)

Present and future:

When Dr Kristian Glagau died unexpectedly in 2009, Nils Glagau took over the management of Orthomol and has since successfully continued his father’s work. With open and transparent communication, the executives and managers at Orthomol have adopted a culture and way of working that are shaped by team spirit, customer orientation and flexibility. Since 2019 Nils Glagau has also been an investor on the TV show “Dragons’ Den” on VOX in Germany (known locally as “Die Höhle des Löwen”). The innovative spirit at Orthomol continues unabated: bright minds and nutrition experts are continually working on ideas for new products and potential for further development in the world of Orthomol.