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International leadership in orthomolecular medicine: Orthomol's goal

Orthomol around the world

With the aim of expanding Orthomol beyond Germany and developing the brand into one of the leaders in the area of orthomolecular medicine, a few years ago Orthomol set up the “International Sales” department. The team takes care of our customers around the world and provides support for the establishment of our products in partner countries. 

Worldwide presence

Orthomol products are now available in more than 30 countries around the world, mainly in the neighbouring European countries, but also in Japan, Korea, Russia, the USA and the GCC countries. Every day, numerous international enquiries confirm the huge interest in Orthomol products. The Far and Middle East, but also Eastern Europe and Africa, are especially proving to be increasingly attractive markets.

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Orthomol breaks new ground

Although Orthomol benefits from its 30 years of sales experience on the German market, every new product launch in a new country is always a fresh challenge. The team not only deals with an entirely different market situation with a different legal and commercial environment or different eating habits, but in particular it also needs to be familiar with and respect the cultural differences of the individual countries.

In addition to supporting its existing international customer base, the “International Sales” department focusses on launching Orthomol products in new markets. Working together with interested companies from abroad, before a product is introduced the team checks whether the prerequisites stipulated by the responsible local authorities can be fulfilled in order to register the Orthomol products in the new markets.

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Contact and enquiries from abroad

If you have any questions on the existing distribution network or if you are interested in helping Orthomol to enter new markets, please send an email to the following address: international-sales@orthomol.com

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