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Eye Health

The eye – the miracle of sight

Our eyes are among the smallest yet highest-performing organs in our bodies. We use our eyes to differentiate between light and dark, and also to perceive colours and persepectives. About 70% of all stimuli from the world around us are absorbed via the eyes.

The sensory cells in the retina are responsible for our vision. The “yellow spot” or macula has the largest quantity of photoreceptor cells and is the point of sharpest vision. Micronutrients enhance your vision. The eyes are our window on the world and it is therefore important to support our vision with a balanced supply of micronutrients. Hardly any other sensory organ is as important for our quality of life.

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Orthomol Vision is a dietary supplement with important micronutrients for the eyes. Orthomol Vision is available in the dosage form "capsule" as a 30 pack size. Product details
Orthomol AMD extra is a dietary supplement with zinc to maintain normal vision and with other micronutrients. Orthomol AMD extra is available in the dosage form capsule as a 120 pack size. Product details
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